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At Custom Cages we strive to deliver not only the best Roll Cage systems on the market, cages that fit exquisitely but also at an affordable price. As with every aspect of daily life currently,

Mini Historic Roll Cage Update

MINI HISTORIC ROLL CAGES –                                                              26/01/2022 With reference to our Historic Mini Roll Cage that is MSA/MSUK certificated as HIST/0004. Towards the end of last year (2021) the FIA raised questions about the acceptability of

  • Toyota GR Yaris roll cage

New Toyota GR Yaris FIA Roll Cage

Custom Cages have just released their latest FIA Certificated Multipoint roll cage kit for the popular Toyota GR Yaris. The T45 cage is a fantastically engineered cage and has an upgrade option that gives additional

  • motorsport car exterior with sponsors

Case Study – Team Brit

About Team Brit Team BRIT is a competitive motor racing team consisting of disabled drivers.  They are a competitive racing team, not a charity, and they race against teams of able-bodied drivers on a totally

  • FIA Seat Rail Mount Kit

FIA Seat Rail Mount Kit

Is your Car ready for the 2020 MSA / FIA seat mount regulations? Motorsport UK - SPECIFICATION FOR THE MOUNTING OF THE SEAT TO THE BODY SHELL/CHASSIS In case you are not aware, there are

Vauxhall Astra mk6 Multipoint weld-in cage

Newly developed Vauxhall Astra mk6 full weld-in multipoint roll cage in T45 material designed with cross door bars roof V Abar support tubes Click here for more details please feel free to contact our sales