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Custom Cages can design a roll cage for any vehicle, ranging from this year’s model for WRC to an ‘only one in the world’ historic racing machine. The first step is to measure the bodyshell digitally. As the digital measuring arm is portable our engineers if required can also bring it to your workshop- location no problem. Once the cage has been designed on Solid Works software we can produce one or seventy-five cages on CNC bending machines. Plasma or laser scalloped tubes are available.

For historic cars we understand how important it is to make only the smallest changes when fitting the roll cage; experience really counts and we have fitted roll cages to many ‘priceless’ competition cars to date.

Having a roll cage manufactured and fitted by Custom Cages is like buying a bespoke suit. We can incorporate your preferences and produce a one-off design like the asymmetric cage designed for the Mitsubishi Evo 10 where a top rally team asked us how the existing cage design could be modified to move the co-driver’s seat back for better weight distribution.

Long experience really counts when designing a new cage within the complex and ever changing FIA and MSA safety regulations. Custom Cages’ director Roger Nevitt’s 31 years of producing roll cages has given him unrivalled experience of what is and is not allowed under the rules.

In addition to fitting roll cages we produce fully seam welded and prepared bodyshells complete with seat tubes and jacking points for top rally teams. Click on Bodyshell Preparation for full details.