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Which Material?

Custom Cages uses two materials for its roll cages: T45 and CDS; both conform to FIA specifications and have excellent bending and welding qualities.

T45 is significantly stronger than CDS. High Tensile Carbon Manganese Steel’s (T45) tensile strength is 700N/mm2, two thirds higher than for CDS, and the minimum yield strength (620N/mm2) - the point at which the metal begins to deform-is almost double the performance of CDS.

T45’s greater strength means certified roll cages can deliver the same strength as CDS but with thinner wall tube so saving weight. For example, a T45 International roll cage for a Fiesta Mk 6 (40kg) is 10kg lighter than the equivalent CDS design.

However, lower weight comes at a higher cost so T45 is more widely specified for the higher end of Motorsport and by professional teams where the additional cost is judged to be small in the overall value of the car. For some models, where the weight of the two types of roll cages is similar, the T45 cage will be significantly stronger.

Cold Drawn Seamless Carbon Steel (CDS) is the alternative to T45 and is widely used for roll cage manufacture where cost is the priority.

All our roll cages are supplied as a kit of bent tubes with profiled ends ready to be assembled and welded and with the necessary steel reinforcing plates specified by the FIA. The roll cages are unpainted. Certain bolt-in cages welded and fitted at Custom Cages can be powder coated.