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Roll Cages FAQ’S

FIA Compliant - The

Roll cage has been made to the FIA prescribed tube sizes. This means the cage
was made to comply with all the current regulations. These cages are eligible
for all FIA sanctioned events.

Roll Cage Kit, what do you mean?

A kit is a full roll cage with all of the tubes with profiled ends and the necessary footplates for mounting the cage.

Is my Roll Cage kit assembled?

No, the kit includes all the bent tubes required and all the straight tubes profiled ready to fit. But none of it is assembled or welded.

Which type of welding should be used?

Either MIG (Metal Inert Gas) or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) are acceptable. CDS should be welded with A18 filler rod/wire. T45 should be welded with either A31 or A32 filler rod/wire.

Does the cage come painted?

No, because it has to be welded together.

Is your roll cage eligible for international events, sprints, track days etc.

The type of roll cage demanded by the event regulations may require a more sophisticated cage for higher levels of Motorsport i.e international events. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate cage design to meet the event or championship’s technical regulations.

If the cage is OK for a UK series does that mean I can compete on the Continent with it?

No, not necessarily, so you will need to check with the appropriate authority.

Is CDS for some types of competition and T45 for others?

No, both are eligible for all types of motor sport.

When the regulations get tougher, will that make my cage obsolete?

No, the rules are not usually retrospectively applied.

Can you have a welded in historic cage?

Yes, since 2005 this has been permitted.

I have heard that the rules for historic cars have changed and that you are now allowed eight mounting points. Is this correct?

Yes, however it depends upon the design. You are allowed up to 14 for MSA events.

Do the rules allow you to fit extra tubes to the basic historic cage?

Under the FIA regulations you can fit any of the current Appendix J configuration except front triangulation.

Does a cage needed to be modified to suit Hans™?

Hans devices can be used with almost all roll cages that have an integral seat harness tube.

Where will the spare wheels fit on your rally cages?

All our latest design allow spare wheels to be fitted behind the driver’s seat.

Do I need to specify race or rally when ordering?

It is always better to tell us – if it makes a difference we can advise you.

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