Top-quality roll cages for the serious competitor that gives extra chassis rigidity and weight saving and that conform to current FIA requirements. Factory fitting is always available.

Buy Now: International FIA Cages

Our huge experience in producing top quality roll cages for competitors in the UK and all over the world makes us one of the top manufacturers and the most innovative companies when it comes to race car safety.

We have hundreds of cage kits for almost every make of car and can offer the best quality and fit that is available on the market. The cage kits are complete with all the parts required and should need no trimming. It is highly recommended that you consider our factory fitted option or use a proven roll cage installer, not just someone who is ‘good at welding’.

FIA level roll cages have different requirements to National level UK racing in that they require a more substantial cage. Although these cages contain more tubes, they offer more chassis rigidity and safety, and are also often lighter than the basic national cages as they use a stronger material (T45) and can therefore use smaller tubes sizes which saves on weight without compromising on strength.

Many of our cages are also FIA certificated, which mean that the design has been formally approved by the FIA and you can obtain an FIA certificate for this cage once it has been fitted in the approved manner.

FIA Compliant Roll Cages

For a roll cage to be FIA compliant our design must conform to the regulations set out in the relevant FIA Yearbook. This dictates the tube sizes and layout required. These cages are fully acceptable for most international events.

Alternatively, we may ‘certificate’ a design that uses different tube sizes and alternative tube layouts to achieve additional strength, safety and bodyshell stiffness. These designs are then stress tested by an approved ‘house’ in order to prove their integrity. Generally, they are lighter and more comprehensive than ‘compliant’ cages. The FIA/MSUK certificate that accompanies them is recognised the world over and allows competition in all events.

FIA Cage 1

For any vehicle homologated before 2004, a cage to this layout is FIA compliant. Main hoop must be 45 x 2.5 (or 50 x 2.0) and the balance to be 40 x 2.0.

FIA Cage 2

For any vehicle homologated in 2005, a cage to this layout is FIA compliant. Tube sizes as above.

FiA Cgae 3

Any vehicle homologated from 2006 to 2020 must have a roll cage to this design in order to be FIA compliant. The main hoop must be 45 x 2.5 (or 50 x 2.0) and all other tubes to be 40 x 2.0.

From 2021 on, all new roll cage designs have to be certificated with MSUK/FIA, whether stress tested or not, to be eligible for International motorsport. Talk to us for technical advice.

FIA Roll Cage

International, or International Multipoint cages must attach to the car by a minimum of 8 points and our kits will provide you with gussets and additional parts if this is appropriate. Many cages of this type will have strengthening and triangulation through the front bulkhead to the front suspension turrets. This gives more strength to the front of the car and offers a stronger more rigid chassis and will give you better performance from the car. . . so it’s not just about horsepower.

There is more work in fitting a multipoint cage but if you are serious about competition then this is the route that will give you an all round better result . . . . you only need to fit a roll cage once and it will deliver you benefits on every lap.

Please talk to us before you consider any change or modification to one of our roll cage kits. You should be aware that in many cases modification is not allowed and can invalidate the certificate or even compromise the safety of the roll cage. We cannot offer any advice on cages from other manufacturers.