Club Kits

Designed for the budget conscious competitor.

  • Club kits are available for all our existing range of Clubman 6 Point roll cages.
  • Designed to suit individual customers’ requirements when one of our ‘off-the-shelf’ designs may not fit the bill.
  • For when a complete cage is more than is required.
  • Fit as many or as few tubes as the Regulations allow.
  • Position tubes where more convenient.
  • Simply choose from the CL2 & CL3 drawings as to which design best suits your requirements.
  • All Club kits are weld-in roll cages.
  • All Club kits are produced in CDS steel.
  • Tubes are 45mm diameter x 2.5mm wall thickness.
  • Kit includes profiled tubes and footplates.
  • Additional CDS tube supplied in 1.5m lengths
  • No FIA documentation available for Club Kits.

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