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BMW E46 UK 2 Door - International Multipoint

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  • Fully certificated roll-cage designs give a distinct advantage over roll-cages constructed to minimum compliance as they are constructed using a small diameter / thinner gauge tube, thus giving a considerable weight saving.
  • Depending on the make & model, a fully certificated roll cage gives you the ability to compete in FIA, International events.

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Rollcage Accessories

Custom Cages has developed a range of roll cage, seat fitting and chassis strengthening accessories needed for a really professional job. All the proven components are used by Custom Cages' expert fitters for installing roll cages and preparing bodyshells. For details click here.


We are constantly updating our roll cage designs. The roll cage diagram shows the latest specification, however in some cases the photographs show details of an older design.

Available Cages

  • Material: T45
  • Product Code: BM46/02(2)T
  • Weight: 50.5 kg
  • Price: £1284
  • Prices excl. VAT/national taxes
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